Sam Joraslafsky

After many years of heavy involvement in sport & fitness, including 20 years of Aussie Rules Football, and extensive strength and conditioning programs, my thirst for knowledge and extreme motivation to develop my fitness lead me to CrossFit.

Since being introduced to CrossFit, I was hooked. CrossFit is a lifestyle that I am committed to, using each day as an opportunity to improve my physical condition through nutrition and exercise.

I have travelled around Australia, having the opportunity to be involved with a number of different CrossFit communities. Meeting so many amazing people, all with a mutual passion for health and fitness only cemented my ideas of opening my own CrossFit Box. In 2010 CrossFit Loaded was born!
Its great seeing so many new comers to the training method relish in it and love it as much as I do. The achievements made through blood, sweat and tears between the 4 walls of the box, from every individual is amazing and something that is always experienced together as a community. 

I love being part of a persons transformation, from someone that can not walk a flight of stairs without getting puffed out. Then after just 6 months of training with us, running 2 kms with intentions of beating their last 2 km time trial effort. The growth I see in so many people, the people that stick it out, do the hard yards, learn the movements, tidy up their diet is amazing, and it keeps me driven to offer the best service in strength and conditioning there is in the South. Every day is a chance to be better than yesterday.

I have always loved the competitive side of CrossFit, 'The Sport of Fitness'. Throwing down with fellow CrossFitters, testing ourselves and each other in battle like conditions. I love it, there's only you, your training, your nutrition and how hard you're willing to go to beat the rest. Now that i have established my own 'box', with it's own community, I am now looking at getting a Team from Loaded competing at the highest levels. I love coaching like minded athletes that are willing to work as hard as needed to reach the set goal. We have a good core group and I'm excited at what the future could bring.

Certificate III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training
Level 1 CrossFit Certificate
Level 1 ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach
Pendlay Level 1 Weightlifting Course
CrossFit Endurance Certificate

CrossFit Games Regional Individual Competitor 2011, 2012
CrossFit Games Regional Team Competitor 2014,2015,2016
CrossFit Games Team Competitor 2016