gavin allen


"At 40 years of age and twenty plus years of gym under my belt I was really starting to struggle with motivation which was starting to show in my fitness levels and how I felt. The time had come for a change but what to do at 40 years old? I had heard some good things about CrossFit but admittedly I had my reservations. I decided to give it a three month trial with a friend and can say with complete honesty that we never looked back. We both lost unwanted weight but more importantly felt fitter than we had ever before. CrossFit Loaded has given me a new outlook on my fitness and has also given me a new group of friends. I recommend to all my friends of all age groups."


tonia fielke

crossfit games team athlete.

"4 years ago I had heard about CrossFit from a few of my friends but just hadn't been brave enough to get out of my comfort zone and give it a go. I was finally talked into a 'come and try' day and I really enjoyed it. I decided it would be good to do to help me improve my fitness for netball and surf life saving. I noticed huge differences in both of these sports as a result of my CrossFit training and felt stronger and more confident within myself. I quickly become addicted to the constant challenge of CrossFit. My focus shifted from CrossFit being extra fitness sessions for my main sports to becoming my main focus.

I love that everyday is a challenge. You are not only tested physically but trained mentally as well. I love that your progress whether it be in weight, time or reps is measured, so you can see that you are improving over time. I love the challenge in that once you master something there is always something more difficult to progress to.

When I started I didn't have any experience with lifting or with any gymnastics. The coaches at Loaded were so patient and encouraging, making sure that I mastered the correct techniques so that I was lifting and exercising safely. The rest of the members were very supportive and friendly. My favourite part of CrossFit is the community. I love knowing that there are a bunch of people who will notice if I don't turn up which definitely keeps me accountable. Working out in a team environment is so much more motivating. The members encourage each other to push harder and we all celebrate achievements and finishing workouts together.  I love that CrossFit caters for all ages and all abilities with scaling options to make every workout achievable for any beginner.

From someone who just started CrossFit for some fitness benefits I could not have dreamed of the opportunities I have been given. The elite coaching and programming at Loaded has enabled our team to be at a high enough level to compete in California at the CrossFit Games.

The only regret I have is that I sat thinking about giving CrossFit a go for so long. I have found a sport and a community that I love and I am so thankful for the opportunities and experiences it has given me."


jamie wickstein

training for the army

"After training at CrossFit Loaded for a little over 14 months now, I have noticed a dramatic difference in my life, not only physical but also mental. I've noticed I have more energy for my everyday life and seem to be able to push myself in the WODs harder everyday.

The continuous training I've done here at Loaded has fully prepared me for any physical challenges that come my way in my up and coming Army career.

The results that you see from the grueling training regime are almost immediate. Both the focus and patience Sam has when working with you to achieve your own goals is like none other.

If you're wanting to change your life for the better, CrossFit Loaded is the place to do so."



Crossfit games team athlete.

south Australian weightlifting f75 record holder

"Training at CrossFit Loaded has given me the opportunity to really challenge my limits as an athlete. I've been pushed to what seemed like my physical and mental limits many times, broken through them, and achieved things I never thought possible as a result.

I've made the best friends and love getting to share the training experiences with them. I love that I feel fit, strong and healthy now and this let's me enjoy my life to it's fullest."




"My name is Lynly, I have been doing CrossFit at Loaded for over 5 years. CrossFit has completely changed my life. I am now fitter, stronger and braver than I have ever been. I am still learning a lot and Sam is an excellent trainer who is very patient with the fact that I am uncoordinated. All the WODs are scaled to our strengths and abilities. The atmosphere at the box is friendly and comfortable and at 62 I feel very welcome."


Ashlee deboer

"I joined CrossFit Loaded a few months ago and only wish I started sooner. When I first walked in for my fundamentals class everyone was doing deadlifts. It was amazing to see what weights people were getting up and everyone talking and the friendly atmosphere. Since then it's been really good to learn all the lifts properly, especially the Olympic lifts, watching the weight go up and seeing what my body is capable of and then trying to push a little bit more each time. It's also pretty cool being trained by a CrossFit games level athlete who knows what it takes and also having other games athletes at the gym so you can see what is possible with commitment and dedication.

I think my favourite thing CrossFit has helped me develop is discipline, which has really helped all other aspects of my life; from eating unhealthy and staying up late, relying on energy drinks and coffee to get me through days to actually wanting to eat good foods and sleep on time so I can wake up ready to smash the WOD."





"Since beginning CrossFit just prior to turning 57 my life has changed in a way I never would have contemplated. CrossFit is something that anyone can participate in as all the exercises can be scaled to the ability of the individual. Personally I have, over time, been able to do things I never considered I would be strong enough for. When I started training at Loaded I never would have thought that I would be competing in the CrossFit World Games or even knew what they were but I have now qualified and competed twice at the Games in the Masters Divisions.

Before CrossFit I trained alone with no support but I now enjoy the availability of superb coaching and the support and camaraderie of the members at Loaded and the extended community. CrossFit has opened up a whole new world to me and brought me in touch with people all over Australia and beyond.

Another reason I love CrossFit is because it is not about body image but more about what the body can do, so give CrossFit a go and challenge yourself both physically and mentally or just come and enjoy training with a great bunch of people no matter age or fitness level. CrossFit - love it!"